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Five Frugal Things – Volume 4

I’ll be continuing my 40% savings rate

I know it’s against YNAB rules to budget money you don’t have, but I couldn’t wait for payday.

I did not think I could make a 40% savings rate work. YNAB keeps me in check, but I’m a spender at heart. A frugal wannabe.

However, despite a little grocery overage last month, it was pretty easy to live on 60% of my after-tax pay.

I chalk it up to a lot of staying at home and having extremely cheap means of entertainment.

Started making gifts and cards

My boyfriend and I are staunch believers in not commercializing the holidays. Every year, we refuse to buy into the hysteria around gift-giving. Instead of attributing our gift-giving to Christmas, we dub the whole affair Holiday Appreciation Month.

This year, since we’re not going to be seeing anyone for the holidays, I’ve started a campaign of making small goodies for close friends and family.

Hand painted watercolor greeting cards, polymer clay magnets and sculptures.

Snagged a 3DS game on sale

I’ve been eyeballing the game Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy (affiliate link) since I got my 3DS this summer. I’m an avid fan of anything having to do with courtroom shenanigans, crime solving, etc.

Ever since I’ve started looking, it’s been in the $30 range. Way overpriced, in my mind.

The temptation has been growing strong lately, since I haven’t been in the mood for my other games. So it was to my great surprise that it went on sale in the Nintendo eShop yesterday for $11.99. 😮

I snagged it immediately and have already finished the first courtroom episode.

Added a few new recipes to our repertoire 🍲

We’ve been having a hankering for sandwiches lately.

My boyfriend placed an Instacart/Costco order over the weekend to load up on dog food. In a momentary lapse of judgement (?) we added an 18-pack bag of sandwich rolls to the order

Recipe #1: Vegan Philly Cheesesteak

This recipe knocked our socks off. We subbed a slice of Chao per sandwich for the cheddar cheese. No butter was used. We also didn’t have a green bell pepper, so we subbed an old anaheim pepper.

It has been added to the recipe hall of fame, so it will probably get a biweekly spot in our rotation.

Recipe #2: Instant Pot Steel Cut Oats

Yesterday was officially my first time ever making steel cut oats. I found a bag of them in the cupboard; my mom happened to buy them during her last visit.

I decided to give this recipe a shot. It was perfect to throw in the Instant Pot right before my Monday morning work meeting, and my boyfriend reheated some when he woke up a few hours later.

I have leftovers in the freezer that I plan to defrost this upcoming week! 🤤

Didn’t buy into the Black Friday/Cyber Monday thing

Other than a new domain name for a business my boyfriend and I have been dreaming of starting, not a single purchase was made.

There’s nothing I want or need to spend my hard-earned money on; I’ve got more than enough as it is.

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