Five Frugal Things

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I gave my mom a DIY Deva Cut

I’ve been practicing the art of hair cutting on myself for many years. As a Curly Girl fanatic, I’d shared pictures of the awesome curly cuts I’d gotten from Deva stylists in the pasts.

She was very interested in trying out a Deva Cut when she came into town. I told her we could make an appointment at my favorite salon, but if she wanted to save some money I could try my hand at it instead.

The eternal penny-pincher, she opted for the latter.

I didn’t take a picture, but it looks awesome. She’s got an even more glorious and shapely mane of curls now!

Most of our holiday gifts were thrifted or made with love

With the exceptions of consumables and some tech items, most of the gifts centered around books, picture frames, and albums.

I repurposed a hideous project planner for my boyfriend by making a new cover for it. I copied some of his own drawings and went to town with my watercolor set. Then I used a page protector, lots of washi tape, and Scotch tape to affix it to the old cover. Here’s the result:

Watercolor cover featuring a strange looking creature holding a sign that says: 'Productivity Planner'. A grandfather clock is in the background. Glittery rainbow washi tape frames the art.

We rethought some of our subscription streaming services

We’ve been talking about cancelling our Netflix for a long time. Most of the time, we use the Hulu account we share with friends to watch content.

I was holding onto Netflix for my mom’s sake, as I was sharing the account with her. When she came up to visit for the holidays, she agreed that she didn’t like much of the content on there either. It was only encouraging her to binge watch shows she didn’t really like.

We also discussed her use of Amazon Prime. She wasn’t using the streaming service anymore. And since she doesn’t order much online, she made the decision to cancel it before the next renewal date.

All in all, we cancelled Netflix and set a cancellation reminder 3 days before the Prime renewal. Savings all around!

We replaced my headlight and wipers at home

While we go to Jiffy Lube (with a coupon) for regular oil changes, we do most everything else at home. This last time, they offered to replace my newly-dead headlight and my shoddy wipers at the shop.

I declined and instead picked up a pack of headlights from Walmart and a set of wiper blades from Costco. My SO (aka my personal mechanic) swapped those out at home, saving us some change on installation costs.

Invested in another 5 gallon storage container

I’d been eyeballing that 25 lb bag of black turtle beans at Winco for months. But our 5 gallon bin was still halfway full of pinto beans.

I figured we’d finish off the pinto beans and then switch to black beans for a few months. Finally, I’d had enough. Our house should have room enough for both pinto beans and black beans.

We now have a 3 storage containers to hold and protect our favorite bulk buys: jasmine rice, pinto beans, and black beans.

(I can’t remember the last time we bought a can of beans. It feels so good.)

Your Turn

What five frugal things did you do this week?

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